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Google Play Movie And TV Update Will Give A Fresh Coat Of Paint To Roku

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Are you using a Roku media streaming player? If yes, then you must feel proud in owning it because the Google Company has now released a new update for Google play movies and TV channel. In this update, they have upgraded the user-interfacing and some functions. If you are using Roku device for years, then you will find difference after using the updated app version. Now, we are going to discuss this in details. Let’s have a look at this post. If you find this post helpful, don’t forget to mention your comments in the section mentioned below.

First of all, the major change which can be noticed in the update is ‘Interfacing’. It has got a new look. Now, the searching process has become easier. With the advancement of technology and users, the Google has refreshed this app with almost all new features. There is no need to open ‘Sub-menu’ for searching your favorite content. You can search it directly from the home screen. If you want to watch a live match or videos from Google play movies and TV, then click on ‘Go live’ button.

If you owned a TV, then this update is best for you because this update has brought a new page for TV owners who want to watch the ongoing show or want a list of shows which are going to be aired in the coming hours. You will find only shows here not anything else. The hectic of paying a hefty amount of subscription charges is now over. You need to pay only for the content you are going to watch. Apart from this ‘watch now’ section is added to the app, which will take you directly to the location where you have paused content earlier.

You can now search your favorite content easier than earlier. Simply add genre, actor or director name in the search field and click enter. If you want to filter results further, then the filter option is given in it. To watch top-viewed comedy show on your TV, directly enter the name of comedian or show for particular channel. You will get the relative results on the screen. In new update, Google has also added a single membership program for a family. With this program, a maximum of 5 members can enjoy same membership at home. They don’t need to subscribe to the channel individually. Yes, there is one limitation that you all 5 can’t stream the service at the same time. They can access complete library. For any help or information, you can visit google play official support page in this regard.

According to some press media, this update has not been released so far by Google on some devices and is going to kick-off in coming days. For more information and support, you need to stay updated on Google play and services platform. For the time being, you can check the services or channels you subscribed on Roku device whether you are using the right one or not. Google always try to offer the best to its users so that they feel satisfied with the services.

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