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GAAGO Is Launched On Roku By RTE On The Popular Demand By The Americans

GAA, RTE and GAAGO are the online streaming service that are used for watch Gaelic Games across the globe. These platforms have announced that they are going to launch GAAGO channel on Roku. This will allow the Americans to watch Gaelic Games on their HD TVs and Smart TVs. There are already more than 3000 channels on the Roku, and with the inclusion of this GAAGO channel, the platform becomes a lot more fascinating. The channel joins other top international sports holders like NBA, MLB and NFL.

This move by the GAAGO Channel and the Roku is going to enhance the viewership of this sport across the US. Americans will now be able to watch the drama and the excitement that Gaelic Games are known for. The big screen viewing experience was missing in the US, but with the addition of the channel, there is something for the GAA fans to cheer. Now, the fans have got an additional way of watching the games in the form of the website of the GAAGO, i.e., US viewers who subscribe to the GAAGO service will also get access to this online platform.

Gaggo-Upcoming-1024x576There are more than 120 GAA events, which fans can get access to. This includes the GAA Championship that was held earlier this year along with The Sunday Game Highlights Show at RTE. There is no cut or omission in the streaming, and the viewers get to watch HD quality matches along with scores and commentary. Roku has taken a long step forward after letting the Gaelic Games stream on its platform. No other streaming platform is streaming these games, so it is pretty much evident that the Roku is going to get the monopoly here. GAAGO is a new platform who has just crossed over two years.

But, their inclusion in the Roku platform will offer great boost to their platform as well as the viewership of the games. According to the Commercial and Stadium Director of the GAA, Peter McKenna, ‘The growth of the GAAGO channel on Roku is going to give the fans an easy access to the Gaelic games on their big TV screens. Back in the day, people were using all sorts of jacks to get access to the games, but Roku has made things a lot easier for them.’ He also said, ‘US market is very crucial for us because there are more than 150 GAA clubs active in the US along with a great sales and distribution potential, which has pulled us towards the states’.

Roku has also commented on this collaboration, as Ed Lee who is the Vice President of Content Acquisition has told that, ‘Roku is excited to have GAAGO on-board. We at Roku are already providing access to over 3000 channels to the Roku users, which includes 200+ channels related to sports. To get access to the GAAGO channel, Roku users just need to recheck their Roku set up. If there is no problem with the setup, then they can easily get that GAAGO channel.

MI+JPG+GAAGO+on+RokuThey can add the channel through the www Roku com link, which is the official site for adding all the new channels that are included in the Roku. In case there is any problem, then people have to option to reach out for the Roku help and support. They always remain ready to help people regarding any issue befalling the device.

There is no need for any Roku link code activation, as this is just adding a new channel. GAAGO channel has already gained a lot of popularity in the US despite a foreign sport. This shows that people wanted to see new sports coming into their country. Well, people can access more sports channels on Roku by logging onto Roku com link. Adding GAAGO channel is easy, as they just need to subscribe and add the channel, but if there is any problem, then Roku support is there to help.