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Enjoy Live TV on your Roku

As we all know this amazing streaming device, if you are a Roku user then you can navigate to these popular names for live TV. For more useful information stay tuned to the official site of Roku.

As we know there are various Roku customers, many are cord cutters who fond of streaming, many are using cable and many get confused between the walls of cord cutters and cable. Watching something as soon as it’s unveiled can be the biggest fun. Channel surfing is an immense perk of cable or satellite, which counts being able to watch several live shows as well as finding new things view. Not to mention, who wants to watch sports or the news on demand?

That’s one of the ideal things about Roku streaming devices. While your eyes can catch live TV with an antenna on cable/satellite, there is also a full sack of live TV available on many Roku streaming channels. And it doesn’t mean if you’re cord cutters then only you can enjoy this sack, of you’re a cable subscriber, you can also access an immense variety of cable content on you well-liked streaming device.

Here we have some ideal options for you if you’re looking for live TV

Live TV (channel bundles)


Sling TV- As we know that Sling TV was made for cord cutters, if you’re not a paid TV subscriber then Sling TV offers you to access many of live cable channels (anywhere from 25 channel to 100+). Depending on your chosen Sling TV package, it may be quite affordable in comparison of a traditional pay TV subscription. You get channels such as AMC, TNT, and TBS beginning at $20 (per month). Sling YB even added NHL Network to its Sorts Extra pack recently, just in time for the season of hockey. PlayStation Vue and Sling TV both are almost similar, in Vue, you will get the MTV, VH1, Syfy and Lifetime. For more details, you can ring up the experts or know more about your streaming device you can browse ROKU Com.

News (Free)

NewsOn- Those who are fond of live news, then you will be glad to know that NewswOn provides live, local news via 130 + local news stations. And good thing is that you need to pay any cost for it, watch it any time accordingly.

Newsy on Roku Tv

Newsy- You will get the news in live stream format via 24/7. No subscription, no additional charges, this channel, provides genuine, short and unbiased news means you will be away from the state of boredom as well.


WatchESPN – If you want to watch the WatchESPN channel then login information is compulsory for one of the following: cable subscriber, Sling TV, ISP or PlayStation Vue. If you’re looking for a lane to watch sports in the real hour, this is an ideal lane to do it. Well, WatchESPN will make catch the live content counting ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and SEC Network, etc. Plus those who have got the subscription facility will also get the many benefits.


FOX Sports GO – You need to pay for this, or you should have PlayStation Vue subscription to provide you access to live content. Once you have filled your suitable credentials you will be able to enjoy many of sports based on your local area. FSN provides everything via NCAA and NFL to MLB NASCAR.

WWE Network – Whoa! WWE we guess we no need to explain the zeal of fans toward wrestling. If you’re a complete fan of WWE then all you need to do is just fill up the acceptable credentials with your subscriber info ($9.99 per month), once you entered inside means you can enjoy the pay-per-view event live of WWE. Now you all be glad to hear that you can enjoy the WrestleMania plus your vision can also catch some documentaries and reality shows linked to WWE.


Fubo.TV – How many of soccer fans we have right now? Well, if you’re one of them who just loves the football then you need to navigate to Fubo TV. You need to pay $6.99 per month and catch the matches via La Liga, Copa del Rey, Capital One Cup, and Copa America etc. To watch live channels like beIN Sports, and GoITV etc. you can also step forward to Fubo.TV.

NFL Sunday Ticket – If you want to view live sports with NFL Sunday Ticket, then you require a DirecTV login. You can make your Sunday wonderful by streaming NFL games plus you have access to DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE as well, which offers you game analysis, factual-time stat and much more. It’s only accessible to college students and those residing in areas where you cannot receive Direct TV satellite service.

Live TV/Movies

Pluto TV on Roku

Pluto TV (free) – Pluto TV grips a billion words of appreciation, broadcasting more than 100 linear streaming channels in TV guide-like interface. Whether we talk about news, movies or YouTube videos, you will get the full bag of entertainment here.


HBO subscription is must ($14.99 per month), to view HBO. This is not technically live, but the primetime series arrive on the platform of HBO NOW channel at the time they would air on television, so importantly the similar thing in that regard. Users can get access to every HBO show and an immense variety of well-liked movies too. Have cable? Then you can fill the credential into HBO GO, which provides the similar content.


SHOWTIME – SHOWTIME’s standalone Roku channel make you watch the live stream of what’s currently premiering on Showtime plus you can also enjoy the facility of on-demand content. First, you can have a seven-day free trial then you can pay for it by spending $10.00 per month.

Crackle (free) Crackle provides a live stream of motion pictures in a linear fashion, which makes it feel more like a TV station as against to a quality streaming channel. Crackle gives a mix of television, originals and films. And good thing is that they all are entirely free.

So what do you think? Isn’t this device grips the fine definition of entertainment? So if you haven’t brought this amazing device to your homes then bring it today. And those who are already using this device can step ahead to Roku’s professional in case you face any technical mess on your Roku device. For latest updates stay tuned to Roku’s official website.