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Do You Want To Setup Roku Player For 4K? Here Is The Guide For You

About 4K:

The word 4K represent the resolution of TV. It is the measure of capacity to watch the contents with deep details. The term 4K is sometimes also referred to as 4K ultra high definition or UHD resolution. Earlier in 1080P resolution, you would get 1080 horizontal Rows with 1092 vertical columns of pixels but in 4K resolution, you will get 2160 by 3840 pixels additional to 1080p. You will get clear pictures and much-improved images at this resolution. Now, we are going to discuss various requirements, which are must to enjoy 4K ultra HD content on your Roku device. For more information and support, you can log onto www Roku com link from your computer.

  1. Your TV must support 4K ultra HD resolution.
  2. Roku player must also support 4K playback.
  3. Streaming channels like Netflix also must be availed in the 4K
  4. HDMI cable for high-speed
  5. Proper internet connection with min 10Mbps speed.
  6. Try to establish bandwidth up to 26 Mbps.

Roku Player 4K setup

Process for setting up Roku with 4K:

The steps to set up 4K on your Roku 4 player are discussed here as under. Read all the steps carefully before implementing on the device.

  1. Connect your Roku player with the 4K enabled TV.
  2. If possible connect the Roku player to the audio video receiver.
  3. Maintain a communication between the Roku player and your TV via audio return channels.

Connecting Roku player with the 4K TV:

  • Connect the one end of HDMI cable with the Roku and another end to the TV HDMI port. If your HDMI cable is not connected properly to the TV then you may get HDCP unauthorized Roku message on the screen.
  • Some of the earlier manufactured TV does not support HDCP 2.2 port and some support only single HDMI port for connection.
  • If you want to check the HDCP 2.2 availability on your TV, then you can see at the back of your TV.

Try to connect Roku player via Audio-video receiver:

  1. Plug the one end of your HDMI cable to the Roku player and another end to the audio video receiver input of your TV.
  2. Pick another HDMI cable and connect the one end of this to the output of AVR and other to the HDCP port of home theater.
  3. It is recommended to use HDCP 2.2 for streaming 4K contents on your TV but you must check that your TV and AVR both support HDCP 2.2 configuration.
  4. If you encounter any problem in connecting the HDMI with your device and AVR, then you can take help from Roku com The technical experts will guide you stepwise.

Maintain a connection between Audio return channels capable TV and A/V receiver with Roku player:

  • Connect the one end of HDMI cable to the HDCP 2.2 port of TV and another end to the Roku HDMI port.
  • Connect another HDMI cable with the audio video return channel and other with the ARC supported receiver.

In case your Roku not working with 4K format after establishing a link, you can call at Roku customer support number or visit Roku com link web page to get a solution for your queries.