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Did You Know That You Can Enjoy HDR Functionality In Every Roku Device?

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Roku is a mainstay when it comes to streaming devices. The company has fared a lot better than any other company in terms of streaming related features and functionalities. Roku was among the first ones to launch HDR feature in all its models. The HDR feature ensures better picture quality.

It has been quite some time since the launch of HDR feature in Roku was revealed. The company introduced this feature in 2016, and it has been a hit among the users. The more information regarding this can also get from Roku com link. The company is in the inclination of performing best in the market. So they are trying their best to achieve the best and also leaving behind their rivals on this platform.

We are now discussing the HDR and its compatibility with Roku devices in this blog post. This blog is important to you if you are going to purchase an HDR supported set-top box or stick within next few days.

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We will try to make you understand it in a simple and short way. The models in which this support is available are also discussed in this blog post. So spare some time now for reading this blog post and we will be happy to hear from you about our views through the valuable feedback.

HDR : HDR stands for high dynamic range. This feature improves the image quality by enhancing the colors as well as the contrast levels of every image. The image looks more bright and clear in the HDR. Take, for example, if you have captured a picture in dark area then also you can easily differentiate the color shades. The wide color gamut expands to further shades that provide a rich color image with real touch. The Roku com link provides you the details of set-top box supporting HDR.

The new models of Roku : Roku premiere plus and Roku ultra will support the HDR10 standard. The high-speed HDMI cable will continue to work with new models also. All you need to have Roku account setup. The Roku account is set up on the Roku link. You have to enter the details required for your setup process.

Once you completed the setup process, you will get Roku link activation code. This code will be displayed on your TV screen too. This code is must for accessing the apps from the Roku platform. You can able to make any purchase only after entering the Roku code. We connect the Roku stick with HDMI port on the TV.

The HDMI extender cable is provided with the Roku box that is used for extending the Roku from HDMI port of TV. The port requirements for connecting the Roku premiere plus and Roku ultra are HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2. The cable should also be of good quality.

This is yet a contradiction by Roku itself that whether all the devices support HDR or not. But it is confirmed by the Roku that premiere+ and Ultra will play HDR videos. Moreover, all future models will also be equipped with HDR capability. The actual picture will clear only after the official release of this product. The Roku 2 is equivalent to premiere whereas the Roku 3 is equivalent to premiere+.

From Roku :  According to Roku, HDR is available in following models.

  1. Roku premiere 4620.
  2. Premiere plus 4630.
  3. Ultra-model 4640.

Which HDR Format Is Supported By These Models?

Roku said that the HDR format 10 standards are supported by the Roku models. This standard is basic and normally comes in its rival models.

Is There A Need For Any New HDMI Cable?

There is no need to purchase any new HDMI cable for playing 4K and HDR contents on the Roku. The normal HDMI cable will easily solve the purpose. You can know more about its length and technical specification from www Roku com link. You can connect your Roku premier and ultra-device to any HDMI port irrespective of 4K TV.

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