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Roku UK App: Best Channels to download right away

Hooked your Roku up to your television and wondering what the heck to do next. Then we will suggest you settle down and get your stream locked into these best Roku UK channels and make your streaming experience even more interesting.

Roku is a media hub which takes that convenience to the next level. This platform comes loaded with several channels, which are basically apps. But Roku insists on calling them as channels. Each of these channels offers access to many different movies and TV shows. Between them, they give the give the option of broadcast selection.  So, we have put together this guide to the best channels on Roku, so that you stream safe in the knowledge, you are not missing out.

Best Roku UK channels 2017

Google Play

It is essential if you own any Android device. It is from here that you will able to download apps for your tablet or phone. Roku users can also access the store for buying or rent films, Tv episodes, and books. It gets some pretty big releases and they are little cheaper.


It has been designed for putting all your favorite media whether photos, music, video, or movie, into one convenient place. That content is shareable across multiple screens.


Roku lets you put the Prime Video streaming service of online commerce giant on your TV. But for this, you will need to splash out5.99 pounds. Amazon offers a month long free trial and students can get the full package at the heavily discounted rate.

Roku channels 2017


This is one of the armchair adrenaline junkies out there. This channel is now available on Roku platform, letting you get your extreme sports.


This free app enables you to seek artists, albums, and curated playlists. But you will need to pay9.99 pounds per month for enjoying ad-free music and download content for online listening.

BBC iPlayer

With this channel, you can catch up all the amazing BBC shows on your own Roku platform.

Wuaki TV

From this channel, you can buy or rent TV shows or movies and watch them on your TV. It is pretty similar to Google Play.


It is a nifty service that lets you avoid being involved in complicated contracts from traditional TV providers. Simply buy a pass from Now TV for getting access to various channels. The pass will cost you 6.99 pounds per month and sports package is available on daily, weekly or monthly basis. The monthly option will cost you 33.99 pounds.

ITV Player

You can catch up the best shows of the network including international cycling and The Europa League using its catch-up channel on Roku.

Sky Store

By this channel, you will gain the access to the wealth of blockbuster TV shows and movies that Sky has on offer through Sky store channel. It comes at a premium. You can expect to pay at least 14 pounds for the latest movie releases.


You can watch all your favorite cat videos and epic falls on the big screen through YouTube channel on Roku platform.


You can take your binge watching to the big screen. But you will need to pay a subscription for this. You can pay 5.99 pounds for basic service, 7.49 pounds for standard service, and 8.99 pounds for premium service.

You can navigate www Roku Com Link for getting the information related to adding and buying these channels on your Roku platform.