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Best Earphones/Buds That Works Perfectly With Roku 3 Remote

There are a plenty of things that are exclusive to Roku 3. Every earphone or ear buds don’t suit Roku 3, so people need to find the right earphones to enjoy great sound.


Roku 3, which is one of the latest Roku devices along with Roku 2, its predecessor has got a bump up upgrade for viewing experience in form of a remote control. As mentioned on Support Roku com or a fortnight ago, Roku 3 remote with a price tag of $29.99 has been unveiled with a lot of anticipated and requested features.

Now, with an enhanced battery life it supports Point anywhere and play, gaming features like motion sensing, audio listening and interpreting, a touch pad and much anticipated, an audio jack as mentioned on Roku Support page about the device.

The freebie earphones:

Though this device comes up with not just an audio jack but also a pair of earphones as a freebie but in spite of their good sound, default earphones have serious issues. If we go out on the word of Roku Link support page, the length of earphones cord mentioned is a big deal breaker.

The length of Cord is very small. Also the output hertz frequency is very average as mentioned on support page of Roku www Roku com link, but a freebie not having good specs is what every user already anticipates.

Various factors that come into play:

When we tried to go through a forum on suggestions about some good earphones or best headphones for Roku Link 3 remoter we had to keep certain things in mind. According to Roku com support or the batteries are bigger but earphones and headphones to use up batteries of remote so we needed something which are not as battery hogging as studio headphones otherwise users will end up changing batteries twice a day if we use headphones.

Secondly, as according to Roku set up guide, the base of earphone jack is equivalent to earphone jack wiz 3.5mm so we have to consider that skin or covering of earphones and headphones do not have a wider base as they won’t fit in hence completely eliminating Sony MDR series as it has a wider base and are not suitable for Roku 3 Remote.

Even base is so small that speaker jack needs to cut its corner rubbers to fit into Roku remote jack. To use Roku and Roku 3 along with all its features as well as to migrate from Roku stick to Roku TV all we have to do is Enter Roku link activation code, which is available on the go and acts like captcha and is required to authenticate. Once all the authentication is done we can use Roku 2, Roku 3 and Roku 3 remote with both of devices.

Best earphones with Roku 3 remote in all aspects:

So best earphones which don’t Hogg battery, give best output and are compatible are Side earphones which can be brought from Roku website for 14$price and adding a Bluetooth will bump up the price by 6$, apple’s own ear pods which have amazing audio output, are easy on ears and do not pain, but are certainly prone to noise leak and build quality is very weak.

Hence, if used with a remote which is mobile will ultimately result in a breakage. Beats and Sony are completely out of question due to hogging of battery as well as a wider base and Audio technical will prove to be fruitful because of low cost, better quality than beats and amazing flexibility to use.

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