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Basic Requirements For Streaming HDR Content On Roku TV

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We all might be knowing that we can stream 4k HDR content on our Roku TV. So today we will discuss the basic required things that are needed to allow the streaming of HDR content on Roku.

Roku TV turns On a special HDR mode to deliver a broad range of color contrasts for creating more attractive pictures. Make sure the particular content is available in HDR format then only you will be able to view that content by enabling HDR mode Roku supports two HDR formats that are HDR10 or Dolby Vision.

If the content is in HDR10 format, then all HDR compatible Roku TV will turn on the special HDR mode. Whereas, if the content is in Dolby Vision format, then supported Roku TV will turn On the special HDR mode. So make sure your Roku TV supports streaming for both of these formats by checking the online specifications given by the manufacturer of your device. Although the content for HDR10 and Dolby Vision is increasing, still the major titles available with streaming services and discs belong to Standard Dynamic Range. Due to which they do not have the enhanced color contrast required for the special HDR mode.

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The below-mentioned requirements should be enabled for the streaming of HDR content over different devices and channels.

  • Streaming channels: To view HDR content from any streaming channel like Hulu, Netflix, You Tube, etc., You make sure that your Roku TV is compatible with that kind of streaming.
  • External devices: To stream HDR content on any external device like as a compatible Blu-ray player, a gaming console, etc., you should verify that the setting of HDR streaming equipment is compatible with your Roku.

    Set the HDMI mode for your Roku to Auto which will help you in detecting the compatibility settings of all external devices. If ever you find that the other streaming device is not delivering the content in the HDR format, then you should change the HDMI mode to HDMI 2.0.

  • Roku Media Player: To use Roku Media Player for streaming HDR content, you should ensure that any of the HDR10 or Dolby Vision supported content is saved to the USB drive of your Roku TV. Also feel free to get Roku Help if you have any doubts or issues related to Roku.

While streaming HDR content, check if an HDR or the Dolby Vision logo is available at the upper right side of the viewing screen. This logo displays for some time after you start viewing the video. This symbol confirms that the device is streaming an HDR content. But if the option is not showing up, then hold down the star “*” button on your Roku remote while the content is playing. A list of options will open up. Select the option for Picture Mode to view the HDR or the Dolby Vision logo.

Roku TV has modified the Picture modes particularly for supporting and streaming of HDR10 or Dolby Vision content. You can use 4K Spotlight channel for searching the HDR content for streaming. So if you fulfill all the above requirements, then you can start streaming the HDR content on your Roku TV. For more information head to www Roku Com Support and get answers for all the Roku concerns.

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