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Authenticating Each Channel On Roku Without Using A Remote


Normally, when we migrate from an older Roku to a newer version all we have to do is visit Roku com link enter code and enter the code after which, all of our older channels and subscriptions are migrated to a new Roku. But, it is not as simple like a Netflix migration and it also requires authenticating each channel using a remote control as mentioned in Roku Help section. This section is going to help you get all the information regarding how to authenticate channels on Roku.

Cons of using a remote control:

Typing using a remote becomes cumbersome as there are no QWERTY keys and authentication will take hours but since Roku com link or has made it a mandatory procedure users have to go through it but authenticating all these channels even without a remote and in a faster method is available now. After copying the Roku link code to a newer device, all we need is a Roku app.

Companion app for smart devices:

Roku app is readily available for all major platform devices commonly iOS and Android and basic function of this app is to mimic functions of a Roku remote control which also requires initial setup and qwerty functionality is available hence easing up authentication as mentioned on Roku com support or So once we download a Roku link app companion to our iOS and android device, connect to same network as the one to which our Roku is connected and then open the app inside which we can search for our Roku device to be controlled. Once the setup has been done all that is left is to point the remote app inside the cell phone towards Roku TV or Roku stick whatever the user is using and can authenticate channels using a cell phone.

Using the Roku link app:

According to www Roku com link, as a smartphone app supports qwerty it is comparatively easy to type hence while authenticating we have to enter our credentials for specific services every now and then for example we are a Vudu subscriber as well as a Spotify subscriber. If we have to see all of them on our Roku TV and we have initially enter end our account during time of initial setup then we can authenticate individual channels based on what subscriber are they using hence speeding up the process by hours once we get the hang of a qwerty keyboard on Roku companion app on a smart phone.

Alternate option:

However it is a bit frustrating and a long process how users have to authenticate each channel on a newer device which has been migrated from an older device but many users have claimed that they didn’t need to go through this painful process. Further in Roku forums a process has been explained where users can select multiple channels from a subscription channel and enter credentials for all of them altogether using a QWERTY keyboard on a smart phone device hence further speeding up the process.

This multiple selection and authentication is only available on latest firmware so users must check for latest firmware updates and ease up the process of authentication. As in all of this process a remote control is not used and though latest Roku 3 remote has a bigger battery but as it would require multiple typing batteries as well as remote control life would be degraded once we migrate and use remote for those purposes which can be done by a smart phone.