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Apple TV Is Limitless, Unlike Roku

New Apple TV media streaming player microconsole

Though Apple TV has been launched recently, it is on a spree to slay all its competitors. Apple TV has one of the most refined hardware you can see on a TV streamer. Apps are much polished than any other platforms and this device is limitless. Authentication is better than Roku com link multifactor authentication. Comparing streaming services, apple TV is the best.

We will understand meaning of this device being limitless later. Apple TV comes in storage of 32 GB and 64 GB.  Roku, which comes with www Roku com link has a much lower storage than Apple TV and has no cloud based mechanism. Virtually, if you install all your important apps, streaming services and games, 64 GB won’t be filled up. Even if it is, we are talking about cloud here. You get unlimited storage in cloud when you use apple TV services. Roku com does not provide this kind of service. Everything is static in Roku.

It also downloads data in form of chunks. This means that if you have to play a game which is heavy on data consumption, it will still be downloaded in seconds. Credit card is not needed to use it unlike Roku link, it uses apple pay. It will keep on downloading the game in background while you are playing that part which is already downloaded. Bandwidth optimisation is guaranteed. As confirmed many times from Roku help, this tech is not currently used even in Roku Flagship devices.

Roku has always been only boasting about its Roku link code multifactor authentication. It has offered nothing like what Apple TV is offering now. This device also offers thinning service. Basically when we download an app or a game, we download everything related to it. Apple TV only downloads what is needed to further reduce memory usage. Though Roku TV has come up with its newest innovation with bumped up specs but it has its downfalls. Even support from www Roku com support is not that much supportive now when it comes to feedback of users.

There is nothing new to see in it apart from a speedy Roku account setup. All there are just bumped up specs. It doesn’t provide tools to develop apps for it hence it is all unpolished and aging business. Surely it has a large catalogue but apple TV is pacing up at a rapid rate against Roku’s stumbling market. Roku setup was once going towards monopoly while now it is degrading.

Though it has tied up with porn hub, it is not a full entertainer. Basically if watching porn on your TV is priority, go for Roku TV. If you prefer Quantity over quality, feel free to use Roku. Apple TV is for those who want endless entertainment and immense support from service provider. It is as it is being marketed, limitless.