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Add these free cartoon channels to your Roku and refresh the old memories

What’s going on Roku users? How are you doing? Well, if we talk about the cartoons then let us know that how many of you still have your favourite cartoon characters? It doesn’t matter whether we’re young or old but the word cartoon is something which never dies within. Right now we’re living in the year of 2016 and guess what we’re missing? Yes, exactly you’re right we’re missing those old cartoons, those cartoons are just like a treasure. Alright if you’re literally missing those all old cartoons then you’re lucky if you have Roku streaming device because Roku platform’s hold some channels those will bring back the vibes of many old cartoons. If you’re still using this well-liked streaming device, then you can navigate to Www roku com support in case you face any kind of technical struggle in between.

If you haven’t purchased this streaming device then buy it today so you can enjoy the real entertainment of old cartoons plus your favorite digital content as well. Below given channels make you watch the old cartoons. All you need to do is just add these channels to your Roku platform, you can browse Roku Com if you don’t how to add channels or simply you can get in touch with professionals for suitable assistance.

  • American Cartoon Classics- Well, this channel will take you back to the golden old days of Casper, Felix the Cat, Boop and Popeye. Don’t forget to bring this amazing channel to your Roku platform


  • Cartoon Club Live- If you’re fond of classic cartoons, then you shouldn’t miss this channel. All you need to do is just add this astonishing channel to your Roku platform so you can enjoy the classic content


  • Cartoon Circus- If you want to take a nostalgic tour through the 80’s/90s after school and Saturday dawn world of cartoons with classics such as Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, and Voltron etc.

  • Cartoon Station- What if we say, Tom and Jerry? We bet there’s no one in this world who don’t know the sweet-bitter friendship of these two characters. If you want to enjoy the jolly friendship of these two friends then don’t forget to bring Cartoon Station to you Roku channel. This channel features certified classics such as Popeye, The Three Stooges, and Betty Boop etc.


  • Looney Tunes- Do we need to tell the definition of Looney Tunes? If you remember the old cartoon network’s characters then we bet you better know the definition Looney Tunes. To enjoy the golden classics you need to add this channel.


  • Hasbro- We know that you have seen this name Hasbro many times on your television screen if you don’t want to miss the popular Hasbro Studios cartoons like G.I. Joe, then bring this channel to your Roku


  • Pokemon TV- We all know the Pokemon, if you want to feel the adventure of Ash, Broke and Lilly with Team Rocket then you shouldn’t miss this channel. Go and add this channel today to you Roku platform.


  • Popeye Channel- How many of you remember this song-

“I am Popeye the sailor man

I’m Popeye the sailor man

I’m strong to the fin-ich

Cause I eats me spin-ach

I’m Popeye the sailor man.”

If you still remember and love this song, then for sure you’re a die-hard of Popeye. We also love the Popeye. If you want your kid to eat spinach then let him/her watch the amazing episodes of Popeye.


So you can add these channels to enjoy the old and evergreen cartoons on your Roku platform. If you find any technical mess or trouble then you can ask for technical support by contacting the Roku professionals and experts.