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A Comprehensive Roku Buying Guide

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These days media players are selling like hot cakes. A number of companies in this field are into the market. You will find the major companies like Chromecast, Apple, and Roku. Today, we are going to discuss Roku. The company has recently released 5 new media players. If you have no idea of which product is to purchase and which will best satisfy your needs, then keep reading this post.

We are going to give an overview of each product in this guide. You can easily find out the difference between them after reading this post.

  1. Roku Express: This product is best for 1080P or you can say HD streaming. You just need to connect this device to TV with HDMI cable. This cable is coming with the package itself. You don’t need to buy it separately. Apart from this, an adhesive strip is also provided with the box to fix player on the side of the TV.

To connect the device to a frequency, there are available two frequency bands. You can select 802.11 networking band for video output. This device supports 720p and 1080p resolution. You can change of video anytime.

  1. Roku Express+: If you are using a traditional TV that doesn’t support HDMI, then this product is best. You can buy this product for your TV and use composite cables to connect it to the TV. The video output will remain same for this connection type. The best part is that you can convert your old TV to smart TV without spending much from the pocket.
  2. Roku Premiere: This device supports 4K Ultra HD content. It can play ultra HD content if your TV and video are 4K supported. This device can be directly plugged into your TV. You can use High-speed data transmission cable for this purpose.
  3. Roku premiere+: This is again a 4K ready device. If you upgrade your Roku to Roku +, then you will get a powerful processor, speed, and performance. It’s no doubt a costly product but will cater to your needs. There’s an additional HDR option given inside this product. You can enjoy this feature only on HDR supported product. In HDR feature, you can easily find Red, Blue and green colors of running video clip. It will appear as if you are watching 3D content.
  4. Roku Ultra: This is a big name for Roku. This product is boat-loaded with a number of exciting features. You can play 4K, HDR and Ultra-HD content from this device without any hassle. This device supports Ethernet connectivity and 2 frequency bands. Moreover, there is an audio port for connecting external speakers to it. If you love to play games online, then Gaming buttons are also provided on Roku remote. Roku ultra-remote also includes Voice search feature and Headphone jack on the top of it. If you want to search your favorite movies or show, then there is no need to enter the keywords through remote. Simply speak words to remote, it will automatically open the link. If you are fond of listening music, then play it privately on your headphones without disturbing others.

Note: Another option available to you on all Roku models is that you can control your Roku with Roku app installed on your smartphone. You can play, pause or forward the content from Roku app installed in the phone.

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