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5 Tips to pull out more from your Roku TV

Providing the best quality with super content has now become an unchanged thought process for roku in the competitive market. It’s not easy to compete with high quality content and quality features when you are dealing across some best competitors like Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV. All the roku users definitely would be aware about the product varieties that roku carries in the market. Still for some users it might be a new experience to the company’s products which includes Roku premiere, Roku premiere+, Roku express and Roku streaming stick. As some of you might be new to roku’s astonishing products lined up to provide the best service. But, there might be some technical barriers in your setup path, software functioning etc. Just navigate your steps to Www support roku com or Roku technical support to fire these unwanted problems.


There are lots of features you have been cherishing from a very long time with your ultimate roku. But, there is a lot more you can make the best out of it in a convenient manner. This is the reason we are here to introduce you with 5 tips to pull out the maximum from your device:

  1. Casting of YouTube: – Now, you don’t need to blink your eyes on your small mobile screen. And the reason for saying this is the new way to cast video on your connected tv or tablets. Transfer any video to your smart tv or tablets by having you tube channel to your roku tv or roku media player. Make sure that your smart tv or tablets is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your roku media player or roku tv.
  2.  Add on roku media player: – All the music lovers out there are always keen to engage with music related stuffs including songs, music videos and your photo files etc. The fascinating Roku media player allows you to play on your photo files, personal videos, music videos and favorite songs playlist through a USB drive or a DNLA server on your local network. Roku players, which are available with USB port include Roku 2 XS, Roku HD- XR, Roku 3 and Roku XDS.
  3. Get on the road with roku player: – Did you ever put a thought on travelling with your best streaming device? Probably not! The answer of this question is the compact size of all roku devices which has made easier to carry it without any hurdle. It’s just a matter of carrying the device to enjoy internet access at a fair speed. You can easily connect your roku device with Wi-Fi of a hotel and any destination where there is a reliable option of Mi-Fi/Wi-Fi hotspot.
  4. Play your photos with Play on roku:- It’s a better way to cherish your memorable photos in a more convenient manner. To enjoy the show of your own stuffs, you can easily download the roku app and use “Play on roku” feature. The feature allows you to stream videos, photos and your favorite playlist collection from your mobile phone to your roku tv.
  5. Explored your channel store yet? – Roku lovers, you should know that you are not restricted on your roku to stream some particular channels only, but more than that. You can explore the entertainment channel options like to watch news and sports, NASA news, any family recipes on Chow, can brush up on Spanish language skills and stay fit by burning your calories with workout on Daily Burn etc. You can find endless channels according to your priority.