5 things to bring best out of Roku search

Roku platform is vast and at times it becomes difficult to choose from the plethora of entertainment then Roku Search feature comes handy as it lets you search your favorite actors, directors, movies, shows.

Roku, a streaming media player which provides top content in the form of channels which we enjoy either by streaming media player or streaming stick .Roku player is equipped with many features and the best feature that Roku offers is its Roku search, which allows users to stream a variety of movies and TV shows. But apart from this Roku search can deliver a lot more that we might not be aware of and further Roku Com gives you the necessary information.

Below are the five things that you can do with Roku Search feature.

1.Voice Search through Roku mobile app:

Roku voice search                Voice search roku

Various Roku devices such as Roku 3, Roku 4, TCL Roku TV 4K UHD P130 series comes with remote which has a button which enables voice search. In case, you don’t have these devices then voice search is still available through Roku mobile app which is available for free on both Android and iOS.  The moment users install this app they can speak into their smartphones and instantly search and choose from various directors, movies TV shows, events etc and after few taps, on your smartphone, you will be able to stream your content on your big screen.

  1. Stay up-to-date on current events

oku-Search-news-OlympicsRoku search now integrates about a dozen news channels which includes CNNgo, Newsy, Yahoo and AOL On. This enables you to search specific topics and events such as Olympics or any celebrity news. The best part of these videos are that you can stream most of them for free.

  1. Search and follow your favorite actors, directors, movies and TV shows

You can also search for your favorite actors, directors, movies and TV shows through Roku search .Just search for your favorites and find their movies and TV shows which are available for streaming.

Ryan-Reynolds-Roku-SearchYou can also choose your favorite actor and you’ll get notify whenever his new movies become available on Roku. The notification will appear on the main menu under the “My Feed”. So, just miss your favorite actor or director work in future and in case you are not able to use this feature properly and need any assistance you can get it at Www support roku com.

  1. Watch the latest news

Roku-Search-date-newsPeople who want to know about what happening around the world can keep a track of the events by just typing or saying the numerical value for the month and day and get all the day’s headlines. All the news will be delivered by various news channels like Bloomberg TV, CBS News, Fox News, NBC News, and Wall Street Journal Live.

  1. Find stand-up comedy specials

Search for your favorite stand-up comedy shows and many of them are available for free. Users can search one hundred stand-up comedy special. Just search for your favorite comedian’s and get the comedy special of your choice.

Roku-Search-Comedy-Greg-FitzsimmonsAs Roku is crowded with over 3,000 channel and choosing content in itself is a task so here Roku search comes as savior and it provides vista view of everything including where to watch and how much it will cost. By following a particular search on Roku feed you’ll be able to receive notifications and know when it is available for streaming on Roku.

I hope these tips and tricks will be helpful for you to search your favorites and keep searching!