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5 Things That Makes Roku TV A Smart TV

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There are a myriad number of reasons why customers love to use Roku smart TV. The primary ones are easy to setup, easy navigation and you can stream any movie or episode from more than 5 million movies and episodes list. Above all these features is its price. It is too economical to afford. If we talk about 55 inches Roku TV, then it has won the best TV award.  If you want to really experience movies on big screen, then Roku TV is best.

You will get routine updates for your Roku OS, after purchasing this device. With every new update, the features will keep on adding and improvements will be reported. Now, we are going to discuss 5 things about Roku TV which makes it smart.

  1. Home screen Hub for enjoyment

You can use your home screen according to your wish. If you want to place inputs, subscription or services, free content and news on the home screen, then you can do so easily. By placing all stuff on screen, it is easier to find it in future. You just need to enter the keywords in the search menu. The results will be displayed accordingly. For instance, if you want to watch Netflix, then simply click on it from the home screen itself.

  1. Movie nights

On the Roku channel, you will find thousands of Hollywood movies which are available for free to stream. The popular among them are ‘Line of Fire’, The pursuit of happiness, ‘Judgement day’, ‘Terminator’ and ‘Teen Wolf’. To know more details about the updated list, you can stay tuned to the Roku support page.

  1. App for mobile streaming

One of the best features you would like to use the Roku app is private listening. If you haven’t tried this yet, then you must try at least once. If you don’t want to disturb your family when it is on the bed, then you can use private listening mode by connecting headphones to the mobile. This will enable private listening and don’t disturb other members. Along with this, the mobile app also includes casting function, video streaming from your phone to TV and use of mobile as a Roku remote.

  1. Pause live TV

Have you ever tried to understand what ‘pausing a stream content’ actually is? Or do you know how it works on antenna broadcast TV? This feature allows you to pause a content when you are in the kitchen or doing some urgent work. You can resume playback from where you left off earlier. When you connect your antenna to Roku TV, you can pause a digital broadcast. For over-the-air TV, a maximum time limit for pausing a content is 90 minutes. If you want to pause a content, you require a flash storage device which can store up to 16 GB of data.

  1. Just say it

If you don’t want to side out hands from your quilt to change the channel, then there is nothing to worry. You can now control your Roku with the voice. A voice compatible remote is coming with some Roku models which work on speech recognition technology. This feature is also available in Roku 8.0 OS version.

To learn more about Roku TV features, you can visit Roku support page from the internet browser. So which feature you liked the most. Kindly let us know via comments.

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