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How www Roku Com Link Provide Roku Support To Find Roku Link Activation Code

Roku player is used for streaming a wide range of content from a plethora of channels like Roku 4 Roku Com LinkNetflix, Hulu, HBO GO, BBC iPlayer and so on. Roku is among the top streaming gadgets that are available in the world today, and what makes Roku different from other streaming players is the fact that it is easy to setup. Yet, many Roku users are not being able to setup the device in the right manner. This is the reason why we at Roku Com Support have to come up with a dedicated facility to help Roku users with the setting up process of the device.

The setting up process of Roku is indeed the most important one because it will set the tone for your entertainment. The first step in the context of setting up Roku is creating an account on Roku by visiting Once the account has been made, you are going to receive an activation code, which needs to be put in the right place on your Roku account. If this is not the method that you want to follow, then you can connect your Roku player to the TV and then, follow on-screen instructions. Then, you are going to get a link activation code.

Roku Set Up: How to perform it?

For all Roku players, the setup procedure remains the same. So, there is no need to worry if Roku Set Upyou have bought a different model than that of your friend, as the setting up procedure is exactly the same.

If you have an older television, then you can connect your Roku device using a standard composite video connection along with the HDMI connection. For newer television, there is no need to use a standard composite video connection, as HDMI connection good enough. It is recommended to use a High-Speed HDMI Cable when connecting your Roku player to the TV.

Setting up Roku player:

1. The first step is to connect Roku player to the TV using composite cables or High-Speed HDMI Cable.

2. The connection can be made via an Ethernet port as well, so if your Roku player has an Ethernet port, then you can use an Ethernet cable to connect the device to an Ethernet port that is available on the router or switch.

3. The next step is to make the remote ready. This will be done by opening the battery cover of the remote and inserting the new batteries.

4. Now, you will have to connect the power connector to your Roku device along with connecting the power adapter to the main power supply, i.e., wall outlet.

5. You have to keep in mind that the right TV input is chosen on your TV. You have to select that input on which your Roku device is connected to. If you have checked this, then you can turn on the TV and commence with the software part of the setup. You are going to see Roku logo on your TV screen, which is the proof that the Roku device has been properly connected. If you don’t see Roku logo on the screen, then you have to get in touch with www Roku com support. We are going to help you regarding this issue and deliver the most suitable solution.

Moving ahead with the guided setup:

1. Choosing a language:

  • After your Roku device is turned on, you will see Roku logo followed by the screen where you will have to choose your preferred language. You are going to see all text and dialog within the Roku app is going to be displayed in the selected language. You have to choose the right language by scrolling up and down the list. If some channel has content in only foreign languages, then that can’t be changed from the language option, as that is completely up to the channel provider to translate the channel.

2. Connecting Roku to the Internet

  • You have to choose a wireless network that you want to connect your Roku device to. Enter the password to the network and get connected. But, make sure that the network you are connecting your Roku to should be the same on which your computer and/or smartphone is connected.
  • Type the password correctly, and if you want, you can choose ‘show password’ option to see the password as you type.
  • After entering the password, select ‘connect’. Your Roku device is going to connect to the internet automatically. If that doesn’t happen, then go to www Roku com link.

3. Waiting for Roku device to download the latest software

  • The first thing that Roku will do after getting connected to the internet is to check if there is a software update available or not. If there is any update, then it will be downloaded automatically followed by rebooting the device.

4. Creating an account on Roku and activating Roku

  • The process of activating Roku player can only be done if the device is linked to a Roku account. The importance of having a Roku account can be found out from the fact it won’t be possible for you to keep a track of the Roku devices you own and add free channels or purchase channels from Roku channel store.
  • You will see all the instructions on the TV regarding activating your Roku player including Roku link code activation. You will have to go to Roku com link on your smartphone or computer, enter the code and follow the instructions that you see in order to activate the device.

Roku Com Link Code: How to find it?

The activation process in Roku is of great importance. Without activating Roku, you won’t be Roku Accountable to complete the setup. Roku activation code is a special alphanumeric code, which you will get automatically when setting up your Roku player. If you are unable to find Roku com link code enter, then you have to log into your Roku account followed by checking on the player section to get the link code. This needs to be done via a web browser. The retrieval of the code can only be done if the Roku account is already linked.

When there is a situation where Roku link code is not shown in a linked player, you must get in touch with Roku help and support provider in order to retrieve a new code. It is to be kept in mind that the code should be entered in the link section on the official Roku website. It is important to enter the right code in the right place, otherwise, you won’t be able to setup the device. It is going to take some time before the new Roku link activation code gets updated in your particular account. So, don’t just assume that there is some error because the code is being applied to the Roku account. Wait for a few minutes and you will be able to update the device automatically.

The update can fail to take place at times, but you need not worry because Roku support is there to help you out. You can restart Roku device, as it will refresh the device and then, you can again try updating the device. This time around, the code will be activated and you can easily pursue with further steps.

If the new Roku activation code doesn’t work even now, then you will have to reset the Roku device because that’s the only option left for you. We are going to help you out if nothing works for you, as we have been dealing with this particular issue for a long time. If you want to reset your Roku device, then you have to go to settings section followed by selecting ‘factory reset’ option.

Issues related to Roku link activation code:

The Roku streaming device can be only activated when it is linked to the Roku account. There is no need to mention how important it is to have a Roku account, as it is going to contain all the information such as devices you own, channels you have installed, your preferences and Roku settings. The activation process of Roku has been explained above, but if the Roku doesn’t get activated, then there is some issue with your setup steps.

The process of activation starts with visiting the website, i.e., You can either open this website on your smartphone or computer followed by entering the Roku link activation code that is displayed on the Roku player.

But, if there is any problem, then you will have to get in touch with our www Roku com support.

1. Error while entering Roku link code on the website:

In case, you see an error on your screen after adding the Roku link activation code, then you must try the code again. You might have added the wrong code or there is a typo. Network issues or system error can also result in this issue, so you have to keep in mind that everything is working fine.

If the issue doesn’t resolve, then here are two steps that you have to follow:

  • Return to your Roku player followed by clicking on ‘help’ and then ‘get a new code’.
  • Once you see the new Roku link activation code, you have to back to Roku com link and enter this new code.

2. The code has been entered, but the Roku player has been stuck on the link activation code screen:

Usually, the activation process completes instantly, but at times, it may take a while, so you have to wait for a few minutes. But, if the link code doesn’t change, then there is an issue. Here is how the issue can be resolved:

The first thing that you have to check is that all the steps pertinent to the activation of the device are properly performed on the website. All the steps have to be performed in the right order before going back to your Roku player or else, your Roku device is not going to be activated.

If you see ‘Error 001’ on the screen along with the message ‘not connected’ in the top right corner of your television, then it indicates that the Roku device is not connected to any network. You have to resolve this issue by selecting ‘try again’ option. Once you select this option, you will have to regenerate Roku link enter code. Now, you have to add the code that is being displayed on your TV screen into the website. After adding the code, click ‘submit’. If the problem doesn’t get resolved, then you will have to press ‘help’ button on your remote control.

3. Roku code link does not found:

If you come across this issue, then it is a technical error or maybe you have opened a wrong link. You will have to visit the right website and get the right link. If you need any assistance, then you can just call at our support, as we are offering 24/7 help to Roku users who find problems in getting Roku code link.

4. HDMI connection is loose:

The reason why you are not seeing the Roku link code and instead, seeing a purple screen is due to the loose HDMI connection. There is an issue, i.e., Roku HDCP unauthorized content disabled, which you are seeing on the screen. To fix this issue, you will have to check the HDMI connection. If there is any issue in the HDMI cable or the connector, then you will have to get it replaced. If HDMI cable and connector are OK, but you are seeing ‘purple screen’, then you have to contact Roku support immediately. There is no point in experimenting things on your own, as that may further intensify the problem. We are offering the best support for Roku, its setup, and activation process.

What makes our Roku Support different?

1. Precise assistance:

The process of setting up Roku is quite easy, but for newbies, it could pose issues. But, there is nothing to worry, as we at Roku Com Support are there to provide a step-by-step guide to fixing all the issues that people come across during setting up the process. We can guide them or we can take the remote access to perform all the setup related steps on our own. We have delivered excellent support to our customers for all Roku problems including ‘Roku setup’.

What makes our Roku support different?2. Help regarding Roku activation:

One of the most common problems that people come across in Roku devices is related to Roku activation process. The process is simple though, as they just have to enter the Roku activation code and move on with the setting up process, but getting this code is what makes things difficult. We are familiar with all the methods to get Roku activation code, so there is no need to worry when we are around to provide support for Roku.

3. Diligent support for all Roku issues:

Besides Roku setup and activation, there are a plethora of other issues we offer support for. If you come across any error, i.e., Error 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 011, 012, 013, 014 and more, you just make a call at our support. We know the reason for the occurrence of these errors, so we can provide an accurate support for each one of these errors. Apart from these errors, we also fix some of the most complicated issues that occur in Roku such as, Roku HDCP content unauthorized disabled. So, there is no need to consult any other support when we are around. Just get in touch with one of our Roku experts and explain your problem to him/her. You will get the most appropriate solution along with full information as to why the issue has occurred in the first place and what can be done to avoid it in the future.

Apart from Roku streaming players, we are also providing an equally excellent support for Roku streaming stick. Though the activation process for Roku streaming stick is a bit different and perhaps easier than Roku streaming players, yet many people are stuck there as well. We offer a conscientious support to all our Roku users regardless of which Roku device they are using. Our main motive is to enable the device to play favorite content of the users, and for that, we are going to make all the efforts.

We at Roku Com Support are regarded as the best company when it comes to providing help for Roku devices. We have been delivering top-notch support for all Roku players whether old or new. We even entertain Roku streaming stick, so if any problem appears on the Roku device, then bring it to us. We will rectify it in the shortest possible time and with full precision. We have gained an expertise in setting up Roku for the first time and finding Roku link code. Roku users, don’t waste time trying things, which you know you can’t succeed in. Instead, call us and get the first-hand experience of how a professional Roku support works to fix all your issues.